At this page you find information on lectures and yoga. More information about Yoga-Lene and the lecturers can be found on the Artists page.


The seminar offers especially professional musicians a work wellbeing bundle which contains lectures as well as yoga. Lectures and yoga are open events to all participants in the seminar. The topics being about musician’s psychological wellbeing, there are a total of five lectures during the seminar. More information on the topics can be found below and on the brochure enclosed.

Monday 19 July
Smart practising by Erja Joukamo-Ampuja
Mental coaching by Anni Jääskeläinen

Tuesday 20 July
The importance of self-knowledge in interaction by Anni Jääskeläinen
About shame by Ella Autti

Wednesday 21 July
Teaching with positivity by Frøydis Ree Wekre

Please find detailed description on lectures below on the brochure enclosed.


The fantastic Yoga-Lene will be instructing two yoga sessions every day throughout the seminar.

One is suitable for beginners and the other for more advanced yoga enthusiasts. It is
recommended to bring stretchy clothes and your own yoga mat to these sessions. In addition, yoga will be combined with general warm-up sessions organized every morning. The yoga done in the warm-up sessions consists mostly of stretching and breathing exercises, which can be done wearing jeans and without a yoga mat.